2019.05.13 Kaua'i

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The Portland Castles just spent a week in Kaua'i, and it was pretty fantastic.

When (if?) I find some time, I really should import some of the pictures from this. Not because they're especially great pictures; they're just OK. It's all about how much I want to remember those moments. They were so great, and there were so many of them. It was a magical blend of lots of playing and exploring with just enough delicious food and resting in-between to keep it rolling in good spirits.

Memories that stand out in particular are:

  • Boogie boarding in warm water that felt like it was playfully trying to kill me.
  • Jumping in waves with Simon, hoisting him 1-handed over my head to keep his breathing holes out of the surf.
  • Running through the warm rain and pausing on a cliffside to watch the sunset flare as a riot of pink through the clouds.
  • Remarking "That's the biggest damn seagull I've ever seen!", to have Susannah enthusiastically state, "That's an albatross!"
  • Violet sitting in the edge of the surf, and giggling with the purest joy a human can experience.
  • Simon standing in our cooperatively-dug beach hole that was deep enough that his head was just high enough to peek out.
  • Bubba's Burgers. ('nuff said)
  • Finally peering into Wimea Canyon after driving seeming forever up the edge, and realizing just how magnificently vast it is.
  • Snorkeling off Anini Beach and wondering, "Is that a puffer fish?"