2017.04.02 Riding The Slayer

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Today was the first ride in a while where the core riding crew was back in action, riding our usual places. It was a good view into this years riding, and things look pretty great.

Backing up, the Slayer had a proper ride last week with my very-awesome BiL Jesse last weekend. We tackled the black-diamond portion of Upper Hide-N-Seek taking turns riding the Slayer and my trusty Dixon. It was fun, and really highlighted the massive advances bikes have made in the past five years. The Slayer's enduro capabilities made all the technical sketchiness of Upper Hide-N-Seek a lot more ridable, while it was actually kind of sketchy on the Dixon.

But today I got to ride the Slayer full-time, and on trails that allow for a bit more hair-raising speed. We climbed up and did the Rock Drop jump line - I managed a semi-elegant drop in but still failed to gather enough bravery to clear hardly any table tops. So it goes. Then we ground up to Two Turntables And A Microwave - my favourite trail.

Two Turntables is my favourite because it's generally ridable, but you can make it progressively more difficult by just going faster. And you can get going quite quickly indeed. The trail was not in very good condition, which normally would mean that I'd be having to reign in the momentum to maintain control. But the Slayer just shrugged at the loose rocks, let me bound along at hilarious speed. By the time I made it to the bridge at the bottom, I couldn't help myself from busting out laughing.

So much fun.