2017.01.07 Scolinos After The Dragonisks

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His hands in an agony of exhaustion, having been clenched on his short swords for so long, Scolinos willed them to open and release his blades. One then the other clattered to the hewn stone floor, now slick with blood. He sank to his knees, his thick tail numbly holding him steady, and he stared wearily at his scaly hands. Nothing made sense.

"They're gone." One of the monks, heavily robed ventured warily out from the tunnel leading to the mine.

Scolinos grunted back without looking. "Where did my master go?"

"They're just... gone. The whole metal idol they made is gone. Master Ecks said that he heard the Agent Of Death leap to the idol, and then it was not there."

The huge corpse of a dragonisk shuddered and toppled off the edge of the massive cliff that the monastery was carved into. With its winged bulk gone, a fresh blast of freezing air buffeted Scolinos, but he still baked with exertion and confusion. His master, the Agent Of Death, had quickly slain two of the monsters before disappearing deeper into the mine. She had left instructions for Scolinos to keep ducking. Scolinos was meant to be a distraction, but the dragonisks had heard the death curse of their sibling, and all of them focused on finding the furry demon that was his master. He eventually started trying to get their attention by attacking them. They were slow to change targets, and his considerable ability to duck let him miraculously avoid instant death in their gigantic snapping jaws. And painstakingly, he danced close enough to each of them in turn for one of his blades to find a big vein in their throats. Most of his attacks would bounce futilely off the thick hide, but sometimes he would get lucky.

It had taken an age. He could not fathom why he had not died. But now it was done.

A new task then. Scolinos flexed his miserable fingers, and waited for feeling to come back into them. Then he would clean his precious blades, and put them back in their scabbards. Then he would find his master.

Echoes was all that Scolinos found, instead of the mysterious giant orb that his master and her friends had been building. He stood there, in the main antechamber of the mine, and contemplated his meaninglessness. Scolinos had only seen the orb a couple times during his brief servitude to the Agent Of Death, but it seemed impossible that it had been moved. Not just because it was so large, but also because the only way out would have been to go past the main chamber in which Scolinos danced with the dragonisks. He had no idea what the purpose of the orb was, but then his master had been equally impossible. He had never really known anything - other than that his life had been clearly claimed by the Agent Of Death.

He glanced around at the nervous warrior-monks who dwelled in this mountain monastery. They did not trust him, or want him there. Which made sense - he had been sent by the god-king to assassinate the Agent Of Death, and in the attempt his team has slain many of the monks. Even in their wariness of him, he felt their shared sense of confusion. What should they do now?

Scolinos frowned to himself. The monks had it easy. They would do what they did before the Agent Of Death had come to live in their monastery - hide from civilization and conjure metal. What should Scolinos do?






Scolinos is a character (NPC) from the Time Dump Game who has been discarded by causality.