2015.01.18 Just Cute It

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I am a parent, therefore I am biased. I get it.

Still: Violet is cuteness.

Not just to mean presenting a visual that evokes "D'Awwwws" type reactions in neuro-typical humans. Her thoughts and actions are generated largely in the Dimension Of Cuteness. She is a foci of cute-dimensional particles, and her existence in our crude 4-dimensional existence is but an iceberg-like protuberance of her massive reservoir of cuteocity. If she were any more cute, she would likely need to collapse into a quantum-cuteness singularity with a dangerous cute-event horizon that not even Hello Kitties can escape.

I thought Simon was cute. Is cute. But it's in a clearly pre-programmed "yep, that's my kid" kind of way. Which is important, because he's clearly got some of my evil genes, and we both need for me to find it adorable in order to coexist.

If Violet is evil too - which is probably pretty likely, it's a dominant trait - it would be hard to notice. Much less defend ones self against. She may well be a pupating Eater Of Souls. Needless to say, I'd be awfully proud either way. Just so long as I get to kiss her dimples.