2001.02.18 Little Demons

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Pairs of slitted eyes glance at each other. The smallest demon hisses, "It ssleepss."

"I sstill ssay that we could finissh gnawing through it'sss throat-vein before it woke-" begins the long-haired wanderer, but the oldest black demon cuts her off.

"Don't utter ssuch foolisshnesss! The thing ssleepss lightly, and it could kill uss all if it sso chosse."

"I sstill think I could ssmother it, if I could fit my pawss in all of it'ss breath-wayss..." muses the smallest.

The long-haired one chuckles, "You have tried that many timess. It alwayss wakess before you even come closse to ssuccsesss. AND it ussually iss mirthful, laughing at you mockingly before it tosssess you asside!"

"I think it likess me, that'ss all." The small one tries to defend her plan further, but falls silent.

The oldest warns the other two, staring soberly into both of their wide-pupiled eyes, "Do not be sso lured. It iss a dangerouss thing, and we musst all be wary! We musst all sstay in it'ss favour, and wait."

"Wait for what?" hisses the long-hair.

"For it to sslip and ssmassh open itss big head fully of yummy brainss?"

The oldest one's eyes stretch to glad slits, "Yesssss, that would be nicsse!"

The three hellions snicker happily together for a moment.

Abruptly, the long-hair's ears perk and swivel anxiously. "A ssound!"

"From the cold gap!" joins the smallest.

The two younger ones slink towards the cold gap, while the oldest hangs back disapproving. Their noses twitch, trying to caress information from the air, and their whiskers tremble waiting to sense a caress. The long-haired one is braver, and moves to the very verge of the gap. There she senses the presence of another... another that she recognizes.

"SSSSSSSS! SSSSSssssssluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!"


"puSSSSSSS for brainSSSSSSS!"



There is a sudden, useless flurry of talons flashing against each other. Then each side of the gap tries to gauge if it was fortunate enough to inflict any harm on the other.

The hissing threatens to begin anew, when the long-haired wanderer and the smallest demon are startled away by the sudden realization that the huge thing is now looming behind them. Their hackles begin to release when they see that it is intent on the other side of the cold gap. The thing slams a gigantic limb against the unmoveable ground with a shock that can be both heard and felt. Over the pounding of their settling hearts, they can sense the satisfying aura of terror from the other side of the door, and they hear frantic retreat.

"Why doessn't it kill that other one?"

"I don't know, but I think it wantss to..."

"-and then we could eat her yummy brains!"

"Yesss. There would not be much, but it would be very tasssssty."

"I think I'll go ssnuggle up to the giant thingss head, like I need reasssurancse... then when it fallss assleep again, I'll ssmother him!"

The two other demons both wince with intellectual disgust.