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Notes for a book.

A view of modern industrial-organizational change - from the cubicle trenches.


Welcome To Where You Are

Management Fads

This is not an exhaustive review of every management fad (and weakly-fad-like practice) that has bloomed in the past couple decades - just the ones that have been inflicted on us.

Who Moved My Cheese

The Toyota Way

Matrix Management

360° Feedback

Six Sigma

Lean Methodology

7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Start With Why

Speed of Trust

CX Methodology


Who We Are

personality profiles

cultural aspects

generational thoughts

we are defined by what we actually do

The Futility of Culture Shift

profits : bonus

The tendency to make an association between a business's profits and employee bonuses is entirely understandable. Both in positive ways and negative ways. The positive association is the idea that when a business has good fortune, that is then trickled down to the employees. The negative association is that a business keeps all the profits, and the employees do not get to share in that extra success. Both viewpoints have their arguments, couched in terms of "fairness".

They're both wrong.

active neglect

Ever get the feeling that you've done nothing wrong, and more than a few things right, but that it makes no positive impact?

Zen and the Art of Situational Management