2021.10.22 Anti-Social Media

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So, I've just deleted the Instagram app off of my devices. Which is not the same as deleting my account, but puts Instagram in the same realm as my eternally-dormant BookFace account.

Back in the stirring age of web 2.0, I was an early-adopter member of The Facebook when it was first starting to really expand. Hilarious to me now is that I hated it for snotty aesthetic reasons - I didn't like how it made everyone's content superficially similar. Looking at my whimsical formatting of the frames-enabled version of claytoncastle.com from that era, I do question my tastes in that regard.

But it was the fakey-fakeness of Facebook that irked me most as it grew exponentially, and the fact that I felt required to maintain an account in order to stay in touch with the multitude of not-HTML-capable friends, family, and acquaintances I would otherwise never hear from.

It was my BiL that clued me into the less-rhetorical space of Instagram, where we could keep in touch via mostly pictures and brief text comments. It was an amusing way to feel like part of the mountain biking community, as well as another touch point with all my arrayed people with whom other correspondence was extremely unlikely. When the RooKwiki 1.0 imploded and with it cratered my ability to casually host images, I started leaning on Instagram for the photographic side of my social media.

Things have soured since then. Out in the world, Instagram became part of the Facebook fuckathon, which I hate. Especially the recent revelations about the probably-intentional harmful risks it runs with manipulation of younger users. On a personal level, my social media existence became muddied during my divorce, and I feel uncomfortable with the degree that the feed feels like more of the fakey-fakeness I hate about its parent company.


That leaves me back at this clunky thing, that I keep plugging away at. Because it's the way that I feel most accurately reflected. Plus, Reddit. Obviously.