2020.10.31 Gun Saftey

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I like guns. They're fun, and cool.

As a rational person, I think that guns should be regulated and controlled at least as well as motor vehicles. As a civilized person, I think the idea of civilians being able to carry around assault-class weapons and handguns ridiculous. As a person living in the US, I take advantage of the idiotically lax gun laws to occasionally go to gun ranges and borrow guns to do some shooting.

There are a large population of people here, friends and family of mine even, who keep guns at home "for protection". It's... a bit baffling.

While I can appreciate that plain old statistics are generally un-persuasive, even when they overwhelmingly demonstrate that a person is wildly more likely to be injured by a gun if they or someone they live with has a gun, I'm still at a loss for their imagined scenario. It must be some sort of western or action movie bullshit that lives in all their brains. Either that, or a wildly exaggerated sense of the existence of "bad guys".

Are they really going to murder someone over some stuff? Is that really the plan? How is "nope the fuck out" not the default plan already, along with "call the police" (for my mostly white friends).

The hypothetical home invaders are much more likely to be simply dissuaded by a loud phone call, and a gun being brought into play is just an escalation into a gunfight - which is much less likely if they're not being shot at.

Some of the most likely home invaders are police fucking up a search warrant, and if you get a shot off at them they are going to straight up murder your whole family by unloading into the house. Hell, a huge part of why US police are so trigger-happy is because so many motherfuckers have got guns. If guns were actually hard to come by, lethal force wouldn't be haunting the forefront of every cop's nervous little fascist brain.

Be safe: don't have a gun. Rent that shit at a gun club, and leave it there after the giggles are done.