2021.09.30 German Reflections

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Having had some time to reflect on my time in Deutschland, it appears that my most poignant memories are actually juxtapositions that were only clear once I was back in the US. The general efficiency of the driving and roads and trains and pedestrian access was appreciated while I was there, but wildly accentuated once back in the chaotic bullshit miasma of American infrastructure. The no-nonsense methodical way in which everyone wore masks in public places didn't actually stand out much for me while I was there, but again it made for horrified acquaintance with the distributed idiocy of anti-maskers inflicting themselves on the public spaces here in the US. There was also an important election that took place while I was there, the dignified lack of drama of which didn't fully sink in until I came back and saw some lingering MAGA hats at the Chicago airport.

As sensible and Clayton-approved as Germany is, I don't see myself going there purely for enjoyment. While well-run and stable and historically interesting, there's just nothing that pulls my soul either. Maybe if I had managed to find time to go mountain biking with Nial while I was there that could have been different.

Also, there's only so much ground/flattened overcooked meat that one can eat.